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Simple ways to enjoy Halloween

Simple ways to enjoy Halloween

I love Halloween! But I have a lot of friends who get stressed out just thinking about Halloween. I think Halloween is the perfect kid's holiday...Kiddos get to dress-up, they get free candy and have parties at school. Plus you don't have to worry about buying presents. How cool is that?!  I get it though, not everybody feels that way.  That's okay!  You don't have to like Halloween, but give yourself permission to have fun with your kids.

Take the stress out of Halloween

  • Remind yourself, it's not a contest to see whose child has the best costume. 
  • Worrying about having perfect costumes can be a huge Holiday stressor. When my son was in preschool, he wanted to dress-up like a pig. Why? Because then he could snort in school :) Why not?! I had zero money, so I dug a pink sweatshirt out of my drawer, made ears out of a 25 cent piece of felt and an old hairband, and splurged for a pig nose. My son was the happiest little piggy. 
  • Let your kids be creative. Costumes don't need to be expensive or take you all year to make. (However, if you like that, go for it! These are just suggestions to simplify Halloween).
  • Let your older kids figure it out. I let my kids raid my closets, jewelry box and borrow stuff from friends. They came up with the best costumes.  
  • My oldest daughter, made a dress out of a white garbage bag and went to a high school party as "white trash". (I hope this doesn't offend anyone. It's just a great example of letting your kids get creative).
  • My youngest daughter took her babysitting money, went to the thrift store and bought the brightest, most retro ski bibs you have ever seen. She was thrilled.
  • One year my daughter and her best friend, wore a big box wrapped in christmas wrapping paper and went to their sixth grade Halloween parade as Christmas presents. 
  • Prepare beforehand, so you aren't scrambling the night before the Halloween parade.
  • Some kids are frightened easily. Prepare them beforehand by pointing out scary halloween decorations and explaining that it's make-believe. Spend some time before Halloween sharing with them the difference between what is real and what is make-believe. Validate their feelings!
  • Remind yourself that you are making memories with your kids. So relax and have fun with it.

Be clear about what is expected before Halloween

  • Talk to your kids about what you feel are appropriate costumes including accessories (like weapons, masks, etc.)
  • Know beforehand what the school rules are so your kids don't go to school and are disappointed when they are not allowed to wear their costume. 
  • Let kiddos know how much money they can spend before going to the store.
  • Talk about safety!  
  • With older kids be clear where they are allowed to go, how late they can stay out, and to stay in a group.

Make Memories

  • Watch a Halloween movie (It doesn't have to be scary, for example: Charlie Brown), eat fun snacks, jump in the leaves...
  • Remind yourself that this is a great opportunity for kids to be creative and for your family to play together. 
  • Not everyone likes the scary aspect of Halloween. The good news is, you can choose what you focus on. Share with your kids what you value.
  • Take the pressure off yourself to have everything perfect. Just show up and be open to having fun!
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