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Fun Family Halloween traditions

Fun Family Halloween traditions

Creating family traditions is a great way to make memories and bond as a family.  The things you do with your family don't need to be time consuming. Sometimes the simple things are the most fun!

Fun Ideas:

  • Carve or decorate pumpkins. If you hate the mess of carving, let the kids use stickers, feathers, buttons, markers, sequins, etc. to decorate their pumpkins. Get creative, you can use what you have at home. Pumpkins don't have to look a certain way. The important thing is to make it a fun time spent with your kids.
  • Get a special Halloween book, put it away until October and then and read it every year.
  • Have candy corns in a Halloween dish. 
  • "Boo" you neighbors. This was one of our family's favorite traditions.  Here's how to do it: Make a few goodie bags for several neighbors. The kids ring the doorbell and run, leaving the goodie bag with a sign telling them they have been "Boo'd". The note tells the neighbors to reciprocate and "Boo" two other families, then hang the ghost note on their door so the neighbors know they have been "Boo'd". This is fun for the whole neighborhood. Click here to get free "Boo" picture and instructions.
  • Go to a local pumpkin patch.
  • Drink water with worm ice cubes. Put gummy worms sticking out of ice cube trays, fill with water, freeze and enjoy drinking with creepy ice cubes!
  • Make caramel apples. Or you can just melt caramels, cut up apples and let your kids dip them in caramel for a fun October snack. What child doesn't like to dip!
  • Go on a walk at night with flashlights.
  • Let your kids choose what they want to be for Halloween.
  • Take a simple family picture every Halloween, so you can see how much your kids have grown through the years. Keep it real. Crying kids or smudged makeup is fine!
  • Decorate the front door with the art your kids bring home from school.
  • Rake and jump in the leaves.

Ask yourself, "What's really important?"

  • For me, it's creating fun, happy memories.
  • Don't stress about the little things. Your house doesn't need fancy lights or decorations. Use the cute art work your kids bring home from school.
  • Remember this is not about getting perfect instagram pictures, or creating amazing artwork, it's about having fun with your kids and creating lasting memories!
  • Memories are usually messy! If you expect this, you are are more likely to go with the flow.
  • Enjoy the journey!
Simple ways to enjoy Halloween

Simple ways to enjoy Halloween

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