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I'm Lily, a family therapist. I'm excited to share tips and ideas to make parenting more effective and fun.

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Age Appropriate Learning

Age Appropriate Learning

Play is kids work. Children learn through play! They learn new skills, develop imagination, create, develop coordination, experiment with roles, learn social skills and many other life skills. 


Make sure kids are given lots of opportunities to play

·     Toddlers need lots of time and space to play and explore.

·      Turn the screen off and encourage kids to play.

·      You're the parent, don't stress if your kids get mad. Just turn the screen off. 


Kids don't need lots of toys

·      Toys are great, but if you can't afford toys, don't worry. Have you noticed how sometimes kids like the box more than the toy!

·      Kids can use lots of household items for play.

·      Examples: muffin tins to sort mini marshmallows, big empty boxes for cars and forts, bowls and spoons, old clothes and jewelry for dress ups, etc. Go to the park in nice weather, it's free. 


Emotional work

·      The most surprising effect of play is the opportunity it gives kids to work through emotional stuff.

·      There is a reason play is used in therapy. 


Age appropriate

·      Play is an appropriate way to learn for toddlers.

·      You can teach some 3 year olds to read. However it’s difficult for you and them.  

·      Talking to and reading to your child are better ways to help develop language skills than flash cards or educational videos.

·     If you read to your kids, and nurture a love of books, the majority of kids will be reading at the same level as those who started earlier, when it's age appropriate. 


Read, read, read:

·      Have books available and Read to kids a lot!

·      Make reading a part of their bedtime routine.

·      Get a library card. Make the library part of their weekly schedule and let your kids choose books.

·      If you lose library books (like I did when my kids were little!), have a basket to keep them in and teach your kiddos to put them back :)


Sing songs and be silly

·      Tap into the child in you!

·      Sing songs with hand movements like "I'm a little teapot" and "Itsy Bitsy spider". Don't be afraid to dance and giggle. This not only helps encourage language but also encourages attachment. 


Balancing Mommy Time and Toddler Time

Balancing Mommy Time and Toddler Time

Want Happier Kids?

Want Happier Kids?