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4 Ways To Build Good Self Esteem In Your Kids

4 Ways To Build Good Self Esteem In Your Kids

There is a lot of debate among parents about how to create good self-esteem… Should we praise or not praise? Give everyone a participation trophy or a trophy only to those that excel?

 So many conflicting ideas, It makes a parent’s head spin!


Here are 4 strategies that work:


Let kids try to do things by themselves

·      It can be frustrating to watch a two-year-old try to put their shoes on.

·      But self-mastery is a really good way for kids to feel good about themselves.

·      Praise and encourage their efforts. Say,“Wow, That was hard to figure out and you did it!” 


Don't rescue right away

·      Let kids struggle to figure stuff out.

·      Let them know you're available if they need help.

·      Then teach them how to do the task, as opposed to doing it for them. 

·      Respond to your children in a positive and nurturing way. Pay attention to their signals and respond in an understanding way.


Don't do things for your kids that they can do by themselves

·      Again, self-mastery build good self esteem.

·      Let them dress themselves for preschool, clean up their spills, pick up their toys, put their own shoes on, bring their toys in from the car, etc.

·      If you are worried because you think the preschool teacher thinks you're a bad mom because your child came to school in mismatched clothes. Don't!

·      Good preschool teachers recognize that this parent is allowing their child to do basic tasks by herself. They will appreciate this!


One good indicator of good self esteem in children is your own level of self-esteem

·      Raising children creates a great opportunity for us as parents to be aware of our own stuff.

·      Work on your own self.

·      Make time for: friends, exercise and things that bring you happiness. Really you can take 15-30 minutes a day.

·      For you parents that say you have no time. Turn off the TV, computer and social media for an entire day. You'll be surprised how much more time you have. 



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