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Tips to help your preschooler listen

Tips to help your preschooler listen

You ask your preschooler to do something and they refuse, whine or ignore you. Sound familiar? They are just learning they can be more idependent. 


Help your preschooler to follow directions by giving her choices.

·      Choices help children feel like they have some control. 

·      Instead of ordering your child to, “Come sit down and eat.” Let them know it’s breakfast time and give them choices.

·      For example, ask them if they would prefer to sit on a chair or a on booster seat.



Be aware of the choices you are giving your kids

·      Give limited choices. Not: “What do you want to eat for breakfast.” But: “Would you like cheerios or oatmeal this morning for breakfast?”

·      Always give choices you can live with.

·      Keep it light and positive.


More Tips

Encourage your kids to listen by using behavior charts.  Click here for great behavior charts and tips to make them successful!

·      Think ahead. If your toddler has a hard time coming to breakfast when you call, say, “Hey Suzy, we are going to eat in 5 minutes, do you want your blue or red sippy cup when we eat?” 

·      Two things parents can avoid are:

                  1. Giving too many commands                    

                  2. Giving kids too many choices



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