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I'm Lily, a family therapist. I'm excited to share tips and ideas to make parenting more effective and fun.

Enjoy the journey!

Fun ways to encourage good behavior

Fun ways to encourage good behavior

Building a bond with your child helps encourage good behavior. This is an important part of being a family! (Remember: your kids need limits too.)

Simple things you can do everyday

·      Say nice things about your kids to other people when they can overhear you. It helps them feel competent and loved!

·      Smile and acknowledge your child every time they walk into the room.

·      Catch your child being good! Our behavior charts have great tips on how to make this work!

·      For older kiddos, create a book club and read the same book your child chooses to read.

·      On that same note, read to your child every night.

·      Create a secret handshake.

·      Start the day with a positive greeting and smile. When your kids wake up, give them a big hug and create a little saying like, “Good morning sunshine! I’m so happy you’re awake!” Remember, you set the tone for the day.


Have fun

·      Turn off the TV and be active with your kids: go outside and play ball, wrestle, ride bikes, blow bubbles. 

·      Turn on music and dance; be silly. 

·      Sing together in the car.

·      Take your kiddo on a date.

·      Go to a farmer’s market.

·      Watch funny YouTube videos together.

·      Take cookies to a nursing home.

·      Play “I spy.”

·      Plant some vegetables and tend the garden together. Bonus: this is a good way to get kids  to eat vegetables.

·      Go to the park.

·      Start family traditions like Friday pizza night, or Sunday morning pancakes, or Monday night family game night.

Be present

·      Ask how their day went and really listen.

·      Reflect back what you hear your kids say, so they know you are listening. 

·      Put away your phone and computer.

·      Really pay attention and find joy in their little personalities.

·      Relax and have fun with your amazing kids!


Self-care matters

Self-care matters

One of the best things to do for your kids

One of the best things to do for your kids