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I'm Lily, a family therapist. I'm excited to share tips and ideas to make parenting more effective and fun.

Enjoy the journey!

Easy ways to be an intuitive and aware parent

Easy ways to be an intuitive and aware parent

All children are different. It is our job, as parents, to help them be the best them! It is a joy to get to know your child as they grow. 


Be aware. Pay attention.

·       Notice what soothes your child, what makes them cranky.

·       For example, do they get angry when they start to get hungry? Then be prepared with snacks when you go out, plan healthy meals and snacks throughout the day before the child is too hungry, etc.

·       Pay attention to what triggers you, so you can take a break and act instead of react. 


Be intuitive

·       Notice your feelings and your child's feelings.

·       Try to be in tune with your child.

·       For example, do you have a child who is super sensitive and hard on themselves. They probably don't need a harsh consequence. Do you have a child who is afraid of new places and people? Validate their feelings and gently encourage them to try new things and meet new people. 


Parenting skill

·       Take a deep breath and step back when a child misbehaves and ask "what is the function of this behavior?"  Is my child tired, bored, hungry? Is he trying to get something he wants and can’t have? Or has he not learned the proper way to get what he needs?

·       Teach your child a better way to get his needs met; when he is rested, fed and calm.


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