Phone Consultation

Phone Consultation


Are you wanting to feel a little more confident in your parenting? Are you confused about discipline? Are you sick of reading parenting books? Do you want tips customized for your situation and family? Do you want to enjoy your kids more?

I have worked with many families and have tips and ideas to share that will help you be a more effective parent. My consultations are all over the phone. We'll spend a little time getting to know each other and then we can find solutions together. I will give you specific information and tools you can use immediately.


  1. Purchase the amount of time you want from this listing
  2. Click this link to schedule the time for our phone consultation
  3. Be prepared to tell me in 5 minutes what your main concerns are. 
  4. This way we have time to come up with great solutions to try

I'm excited to talk with you!

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